Who am I?

I’m a young multidisciplinary designer from Finland. My passion is to work with variety of methods and materials and I’m always keen to explore and learn something new. I’m a hands on person with a built in drive to make the impossible possible.

I graduated from Lahti Institute of Design in 2017. My studies gave me very versatile skills and strong knowledge and interest of product-, furniture- and concept design. With a background as an educated goldsmith I also have been working with jewellery since 2009. With a combination of my educations, work experience and common sense, I’m able to utilize my knowledge in all kinds of design processes.

One of the main principles in my working philosophy is being environmentally conscious and keeping my knowledge of new materials and technologies up to date. I believe that in this way I'm able to be more efficient and sustainable with what I do and thus be a part of making a better and cleaner future.

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