• Design and execute stackable pavilion for 4-10 persons


  • 50 mm x 50 mm wood bar
  • tent canvas
  • rope
  • screws, bolts and nuts
  • threaded rods


  • Maxim Filatov
  • Merituuli Porras
  • Penna Tornberg
  • Tomi Laukkanen

My proposal got voted out of our groups consepts and ideas of stackable pavilions due to it's interesting structure. I developed it to it's final version and made blueprints of it. As a group we built it in Messilä, Finland in June 2015 during Designers' Village workshop. 

The structure of the pavilion enables it to be assembled and unassembled with only two tools.

The canvas stiffens the whole wooden skeleton and keeps it standing. The tighter the canvas is stretched, the tighter the parts of the structure are pressed against each other. 

When stored up all eight pieces of wood parts, the folded canvas and ropes fit in small place.

”Pro Puu association has made an initiative to establish wood innovation activities in Lahti. Designer’s Village –program is designed to serve as a research and development material for wood and construction industry. It also helps different kinds of professional schools in their educational goals when the students are involved in the whole process and they get vital practical experience.

The program targets to create new products that can be commercialized. The themes of the design tasks are need-based.” (designersvillage.blogspot.fi)

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